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Continuous Delivery [clear filter]
Thursday, August 22

11:10am PDT

Test Driven Infrastructure Development
Continuous deployment of puppet code feels like a holy grail; naive approaches are a minefield for stability. Code that works on existing machines but doesn’t work on newly provisioned machines is easy to write. Whilst there are tools like puppet-rspec to help with testing your code, they don’t help with system level tests. One way to solve this problem is to build an infrastructure and run end to end tests against it. This talk will cover the approach my team has taken to this; defined by the development cycle we wanted - test driven development, fast feedback and confidence in the repeatability of builds with an automated and continuous deployment pipeline to take changes from the first push through to production.

avatar for Tomas Doran

Tomas Doran

Senior Systems Administrator, TIM Group
Tomas currently works as senior sysadmin at TIM Group, developing application and infrastructure automation solutions. Tom came to the dark side of systems & devops after being a professional perl developer for many years, and having worked in other varied fields such as security... Read More →

Thursday August 22, 2013 11:10am - 12:00pm PDT
French Fairmont Hotel

1:30pm PDT

Oscar: Rapid Iteration with Vagrant and Puppet Enterprise
When trying to debug software problems it's critical to be able to reproduce the original situation, and Puppet Enterprise is no exception to this. The Puppet Labs support team needs a way to rapidly reproduce customer issues across a wide range of operating systems and various versions of Puppet Enterprise. Oscar is a set of Vagrant plugins that handles machine provisioning and configuration to install Puppet Enterprise. It's designed to make building a Puppet Enterprise as simple as running `vagrant up`. While Oscar was originally built for supporting Puppet Enterprise, it provides a general platform for developing and testing against Puppet Enterprise. This talk will go over the history of Oscar, the current state, how it's used, and where to get it.

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Adrien Thebo

Software Engineer, Puppet Labs
Adrien Thebo has been in the Operations/Software development field since 2005, starting at small IT shop in Boise, Idaho. He started at Puppet Labs in 2011 on the Operations team, and used Puppet to run the Puppet Labs infrastructure. In 2013 he transferred to the Community platform... Read More →

Thursday August 22, 2013 1:30pm - 2:20pm PDT
French Fairmont Hotel

2:20pm PDT

What Is This Continuous Delivery Thing Anyway?
An introduction to Continuous Delivery with a focus on Puppet and Operations teams - what is Continuous Delivery, why does my company or Development team want it, and what does it do for me? We'll focus on what you can do with Puppet now to enable an environment that encourages rapid iteration, how Operations can reach out to help Development get on this path (and what Development can ask for from Ops if they aren't helping out), and what Puppet is currently working on to make Continuous Delivery available to every organization.

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Eric Shamow

Product Owner, Continuous Delivery, Puppet Labs
Eric Shamow is methodologies lead and a product owner at Puppet Labs. He has worked in IT for over 15 years in a diverse group of organizations from education to finance. Eric's passion is for culture change, and his work with Puppet has brought him to some of the most recognized... Read More →

Thursday August 22, 2013 2:20pm - 3:10pm PDT
French Fairmont Hotel

3:10pm PDT

Testing for Ops: Going Beyond the Manifest
This talk aims to show the value of rspec-puppet for those who come from a more Ops-centric background. The focus will be on using tests to go beyond just rewriting manifests in rspec. Instead the focus will be on scenarios like: - Are the baseline security measures in place? - Do the differences between dev and prod get reflected? - Are the config elements that are core to the application present? In addition, tests will help to be a place to help document the oddities of our configurations and ensuring that minor changes don't result in catastrophe.

avatar for Christopher Webber

Christopher Webber

Infrastructure Engineer, Demand Media
After beginning his career at UC Riverside supporting enterprise operations and bioinformatics research, Chris is now rocking being an infrastructure engineer at Demand Media in Santa Monica. He currently supports large high-traffic sites like eHow.com, LiveSTRONG.com, and Cracked.com... Read More →

Thursday August 22, 2013 3:10pm - 4:00pm PDT
French Fairmont Hotel

4:20pm PDT

Bootstrapping Puppet and Application Deployment
A dive into the problems faced when first launching Puppet across existing, heterogeneous servers, outlining possible solutions using our experience as an example. In addition, this session will touch on application management and deployment using subversion and rake tasks, what works and what is a little rough around the edges.

avatar for Robert de Macedo Soares

Robert de Macedo Soares

Application Security Engineer, BusinessWire
Robert is an engineer who has spent the past several years attempting to automate away the need for the work that he does. Focusing on server automation and security work for BusinessWire, Robert also develops web services such as tee.ms, a chat service, and designs and develops games... Read More →

Thursday August 22, 2013 4:20pm - 5:10pm PDT
French Fairmont Hotel

5:10pm PDT

Releasing Puppet: Automating Packaging for Many Platforms or 'Make all the things'
A year ago, Puppet Labs had fewer than five fully packaged projects with disparate, difficult packaging workflows that took hours of manual work to accomplish identical results, with varying degrees of success. Since then, we have standardized workflow, added new products, expanded platform support, and removed manual steps (no more hand-crafted builds). This talk/workshop will describe how we have automated entire this process down to a single command from within the source code repo of most of our projects, enabling repeatable, automated packaging, and made packaging available to anyone using our projects’ source on github. This enables us to scale. Once upon a time adding new products to our release process was a major strain on the team.

avatar for Moses Mendoza

Moses Mendoza

Release Engineer, Puppet Labs
Moses Mendoza grew up near Portland, Oregon. Prior to working with Puppet Labs, Moses was primarily a System Administrator, most recently for the Art Institute of Portland as a Mac OSX System Administrator. At Puppet Labs, Moses Mendoza is working to build and scale the automated... Read More →
avatar for Matthaus Owens

Matthaus Owens

Release Manager, Puppet Labs
Matthaus is half of the Release Engineering team at Puppet Labs. An Illinois transplant, he's been in Portland since 2005, and at Puppet Labs since 2011. He completed his Masters in Computer Science in 2012. He is a father of two wonderful girls.

Thursday August 22, 2013 5:10pm - 6:00pm PDT
French Fairmont Hotel